It is a common practice that most of the commercial or residential properties suffers from the pest bird infestations. When one bird enters the home that is just a start from there to flock of birds will roost on the property, creating different kinds of damage both to the facility of the property, as well as the beautiful garden you have created in your balcony to all different kinds of products housed in. Luckily for a such a concern we already have a solution in shape of bird netting, and we have different type of nets which helps to keep birds away from your beautiful property.

bird netting

Birds not only damage the property but can disturb the workers working in a warehouse or customers coming inn store.it does not just end with this their bird dropping can also fall and slip hazards on loading docks or walkways. Which may result in somebody injury and a huge legal liability causing a huge loss financially or health wise.

Best and the most effective solution to get rid of the birds without hurting them is by help of bird netting. There are many types of bird netting available in the market in which each one of them is having its different sets of advantages linked to its type and size of the birds, venue to the application & purpose for which you want to set it up.

Type of bird nets and brief about them

Polyethylene bird netting

These nets are applicable for heavy use or large space indoor or outdoor. These are made from U.V stabilized polyethylene mesh, which is ideal to keep birds like pigeons, sparrows, crows from your area. These are mostly used in aircraft hangers, warehouse, or big box storage areas.

These comes in different size from ¾ inches to 2 inches in which 2 inches is used to keep big birds like gull away while small birds like sparrows can be kept away by smaller size like ¾ inch.

These nets have an advantage that they can last longer in harsh weather environmental conditions varying in this you can have nets which can be waterproof, rot-proof to flame resistant depending on the product selection. Using these nets around antennas and electrical equipment is also save as they are non-conductive in nature so no fear of shock around them.

No Not Netting

These are light and easy to handle and manage around the property. These have the same application as above to keep birds like pigeons, sparrows, crows, gulls to be kept out of your indoor or outdoor areas. Its not like these are not as strong as other nets but some brands of these nets are even 70 percent stronger than conventional poly knotted nets while be lighter in nature.

Advantage of these nets from his heavy-duty cousin is that you do not have to pull these nets to come back in shape, unlike any other type of nets. These nets are also come in different size like any other net which can be chosen as per the application and type of birds which are causing ruckus in your area.

Plastic bird netting

These nets are light weight in nature which consists of plastic mesh which is ideal to keep birds like other counterparts. These types of low-profile nets can be fabricated from U.V resistant polypropylene.

To exclude pest birds from your fruits or vegetable gardens, the managers and property owners can easily wrap each plant in these nets or just can suspend the nets from top to cover all the garden. Depending on the products size of mesh can be selected like for blueberry or grape wine mesh of 6 inches should be used. This prevents the beaks from reaching the products.

Fact which needs to be considered before installing of any of the nest is that area should be dry and cleaned. Feathers, bird dropping, and all nesting materials can be removed, and commercial cleaners can be used to prevent exposure from any of 60 known airborne diseased caused by birds.

Summary: –

You do not need to confuse by reading so much there are always expert in the market which can be there to give you a support and solutions like our Company Nr Safety nets in a one place for any kind of solution you require to safe yourself from the damages or any infectious disease caused from the birds. Not just safety nets are a protection of your plants or gardens it is a protection of your loved one from falling from balcony, to be saved from lots of diseases. Nr Safety nets not just provide you a solution but also helps you to set up the nets in your property without you worrying about a thing. So, if have any query you know whom to consult.

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